What are the facilities to be availed from the best hospital in Greater Noida for normal delivery?

The well-being of both the expectant woman and the unborn child should always come first when providing any kind of service. Joint Commission International (JCI) criteria for quality and safety are met by the facility that is considered to be the top choice for routine deliveries in Greater Noida. They provide diagnostic and treatment technology that is state-of-the-art and boast clinical competence that is on par with the very finest available elsewhere in the globe.

  • High-Risk Pregnancy

There are dangers associated with every pregnancy; however, the presence of certain disorders multiplies those dangers many times over. Because of these hazards, either the mother or the baby’s life or health might be at jeopardy. They will explain to you how to deal with an event of this kind.

  • Natural Birth (Normal delivery)

The best hospital in Greater Noida for normal delivery encourages mothers to have unmedicated births. In the absence of a medical condition that puts both the mother and the child at danger, we are of the opinion that every woman has the innate capabilities necessary to give birth to her child by natural means. Beginning in the second trimester of your pregnancy, the specialists in our Woman Care programme will assist you in preparing for the birth of your child. We strongly recommend that you get familiar with Lamaze and Yoga. It is critical that the partner be involved in all aspects of this procedure.

  • Pain relief during labour

The gynaecologist in Greater Noida provides epidural anaesthesia to ensure that all natural births are completely pain free. Each patient is evaluated by a group of committed and highly experienced medical specialists, who then determine the most appropriate method of pain management for that individual. The pain management programme caters to each patient’s unique needs. The team of gynaecologists who are skilled in managing high-risk pregnancies and anesthesiologists who specialise in providing pain management during labour and delivery are what make up our pain treatment team.

  • Blood Bank

The surgical and trauma departments get a significant amount of support and strength from the blood bank, which is an essential component of every hospital. It is often necessary to have a blood transfusion during the delivery process, and having a blood bank located on the same premises is a significant advantage. The blood bank of Fortis Hospitals is open around the clock and maintains rigorous standards for both the screening of donors and the storage of their samples.

  • Foetal Medicine Unit

The best laparoscopic surgeon in Greater Noida contains a nursery and a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) that are both adequately prepared to manage any sort of unexpected circumstance. New-borns are managed by specialists who have received specialised training in NICU care.

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