Importance of Art in Education, Society and Human life

The great painting artists Pablo Picasso said that Art could wash the dust of everyday life from the soul. It is a single statement in itself but has a much heavier meaning which tends to the importance of art in education and human life. Although it is a subject, there are various aspects related to it. You can’t think about the culture and society of any country without arts. It has soft power and considered as one of the intense communication mediums between humans.

It has also been stated that art is the best way to express the feelings and convey the message to the society. It can’t be bounded by geographical boundaries, races, language and by any other thing. The art is related to creative intelligence which can be owned by anyone. Every person in this world has some creativity which makes him or her unique from the others. The person who has some artistic quality has more sensible personality and sense of humour because without these each; art is nothing.

The Importance

There are several points which can prove the importance of Art in education, society and human life in which some of the key points are written below-

Creativity in Students – To learn something for life long purpose, some creativity is required primarily for the students who are learning and studying in schools. The future of any country is students. If they can able to know any concept with some creativity, the future of them as well future of that country in which they belong both will be bright. Art is the best option to generate creativity among students. It will help them to enhance their interpersonal capabilities and qualities.

Exposure to the Hidden Talent – An art provides a way to expose the hidden talent of any person. You can’t judge a student by its look or by clothes. If you want to know more then ask him to show some creativity as each person has its talent. Initially, he may be shy, but when getting some encouragement, then it may happen that in future, he or she may be a well-known personality. So, it may be considered as topmost point concerning about importance of art in education, society and human life.

Binding of Society in One Strong Thread – There is no monopoly in art; it depends upon the creativity of a person. It does not matter that person belongs to which religion, caste, nation, community, linguistic background or any other thing. So, it is just like a strong bond between all people from different backgrounds and binds the society in one strong thread.

Leads the way to Happiness– Sometime it may happen that people can’t express themselves with the words, so art provides a platform to express their feelings. When we can’t express our feelings, it creates stress which can because of bad health and ill mental conditions. So, if these things can be eliminated with the help of any art, then why we should encourage stress, a group of happy and healthy people can form a great society so again it is proved about the importance of art in human life.

The history is the most significant evidence that if any country enriched in art, then it will also be improved in education, society and human life. So, now we can understand the importance of art in education, society and human life.

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