Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Society

The whole world is dependable upon the technology you cannot imagine anything without it now. It has its presence at anywhere from industries to our homes. From interior parts of our nation to across the border. Even out health and daily task is also having the presence of technology. For example, just look into your kitchen you will find many equipment which you are using for preparing only food. The vehicle you drive, the smart watch you are wearing and the phone or laptop on which you are reading this article now. All these are the best examples of technology.

But technology has two face one is bright and the other one is dark. Okay, let us simplify it. As the technology has many advantages it also has many disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages is COVID-19 by which are suffering now. This statement is little bit confusing but you can understand it as, it is the rouge virus created with the research with involvement of technology. To make it clearer let us read about the advantages and disadvantages of technology or technologies.

Advantages of Technology

As the bright face technology has several advantages by which are benefiting in our day to day life which follows as-

Innovation in Industries- The equipment we are using for education, for health, for day to day tasks like vehicles, camera, smartphones, digital watches are the results of successful innovations. For example- Now it is very easy to learn any concept with the help of computer and fast internet. There are no boundations of borders so you can learn globally. During COVID-19 many students have upgraded their skills with the help of online classes.
Cost Effective Due to the cost effectiveness of technology lifestyle is improved. For example in your pocket money you can buy a new led which will be suitable with the CPU and also by connecting it via Wi-Fi you can enjoy the shows of Netflix on it. But once upon a time there was huge amount needed to buy a TV.
Easy Availability of Information- Now information is on your finger tips just you have to type some keywords on the Google there will be thousands of results available which you can choose to read accordingly. But before the evolution in technology people used to explore the harfbinded files and from pages to pages.

Disadvantages of Technology

As advantages are helping people with improved experience to live on this earth on the other side the technology is spoiling lives also. Actually, the people who do not know that how to use the technology for useful work mostly they get affected from it very badly. Here are some disadvantages are listed below-

Self -Isolation In place of playing outdoor games people are much more interested to try several online games at their room. It sounds very interesting but have very bad impact on the health. There are several cases reported of mental disorder due to playing computer games.
Lack of Communication-It sounds quite wired but here communication in terms of meeting some good friends or people outside the house in your society or in city. But people though that we can talk online then why there is need to go somewhere to find the people. It is creating a communication gap even in the presence of ample communication technology.
Low Value of Human Now lots of profession are at stake due to the advancement in technology. The best example is building construction where solid human resource was required but due to the latest machines and equipment work of 10 people can be done by one machine so you can imagine how worse it.
The technology is just like a horse without a jockey so it can move in any direction without knowing right or wrong so here we need to become the expert jockey so we can move it into positive direction.

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